An old Provencal house

at the foot of the Baou St Jeannet


Eco-responsible thinking

"It's sad to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen." Victor Hugo


Bed and breakfast La Maison Bleue

full of stories, stone and lime.



The house, an old Provencal house full of stories, stone and lime. The garden, a beautiful olive grove of 260 trees and shadowy corners with soft seats to rest. Above Saint Jeannet, center of hiking and climbing on his magnificent rock. At his feet, the French Riviera, Nice, the sea. All around, art, beauty, sun and light. Here you will be to your liking close to everything and far from everything.

Bienvenue dans la chambre d'hôtes la Maison Bleue
Visiter La Maison Bleue - Chambre d'hôte à St Jeannet

Visit La Maison Bleue

Visit the two bedrooms and shared bathroom, make a short stop in the kitchen where meals are served when it is not warm enough for the shade of lime. Ask you to the lounge, which is the former kitchen; facing the fireplace, discover the stone sink and bugadiers. Finally, you rejuvenate the garden and imagine your dinner menu you can prepare in the summer kitchen.

Eco Responsible Thinking

Penser Ecoresponsable, Etre au bleu ne nous empêche pas de penser « vert ».

Being blue does not prevent us from thinking “green.” Aware that we share this place with many other living beings, we wanted to make sure they feel good.

Votre voiture pourra stationner à côté de la maison bleue, à l’abri.
La chambre d'hôtes la maison bleue ne peut pas accueillir les vos animaux de compagnie.
la chambres d'hôte la maison bleue est strictement non-fumeur
Pour vous accueillir dans les meilleurs conditions à la Maison Bleue nous parlons l’anglais.

Important: the house is strictly non-smoking, electronic cigarettes included a precaution. We can not accommodate pets. Your car will be parked next to the house, away. We also speak French.

la Maison Bleue, guest house at the foot of baous in St Jeannet

Chambre Rose

The pink room is the largest of the two. Finally, pink! rather creamy milk chocolate, it is warm and coucounante. The bed and wardrobe with new art are pitch pine. It’s a real old bed, it measures 120 cms wide. The windows open on the garden, blue shutters, mosquito net, organza curtain on black bamboo rod. My passion for origami birds populated the room light and mobile paper. The blue remembers you with the picture of Veronica Denoyel.

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Chambre Jaune

The yellow room has a tonic and atmosphere full of joy. It is ideal for one person. A beautiful old walnut bed; Again, 120 cms wide. Wardrobe, shelves and valet. The windows open on the garden, blue shutters, mosquito net, organza curtain on panther bamboo rod. Japanese paper birds and tidy. A large predominantly green landscape, still Veronique Denoyel – Painter, lets you discover new paths.

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