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First, there is the earth …
And water which makes it malleable.

In the palms of the hands, she rolls
And takes the form of seed,
planet, star.

I give it an axis
and identity.
The air then dry.

Finally, it is fireproof,
burning passing
which transmutes and crystallizes.
And the color is not the same,
neither the weight nor the sound,
neither the structure nor the resistance,
or the strength.

She is ready.

I discovered a passion for the land, and with it are the four elements that go into the dance. I realized long strings of beads rolled, one after the other, my hands to ward off the trees in my garden. All different, they are on sale, I can also perform customized, please tell me.

Because beauty is one of our most precious foods, I have at heart to also present the works of local artists who are also friends. In your rooms, paintings by Véronique Denoyel. Furthermore, paintings by Daniel Fillod, pictures of Gabriel Yoshitsune Fabre, pottery Anne-Marie Deloire Garden pottery flowers.