Try to act green with our means.

As Refuge LPO and Garden of Noah, we ensure that life will feel welcome, and it is often enough to let her …

And wild flower meadows are a paradise for browsers and 260 olive trees since 2015 are treated as organic. We compost our organic waste and recycle those that can be. The water we drink water from the springs of Saint Jeannet, is filtered more chlorine or undesirable residues. Your sheets and towels are washed with biodegradable detergent, like all cleaning products used here; some are homemade. Water gutters is recovered for watering and timber size trees for the fire. And since September 26, 2006, our hot water is solar.

The European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation services was created in 2003. It comes on 5 points. Here for each point what our practices:

Low power consumption:

  • The lamps were fitted with energy-saving bulbs
  • The radiators rooms have thermostatic valves
  • The hot water is solar
  • Air conditioning is natural and due to the architecture

Low water consumption:

  • The bathroom has a shower
  • The toilets are equipped with a flush two volumes, there are dry toilets in the garden
  • Recovery of water (600 liters) water the garden
  • Sheets and towels are changed reasonably

Low waste production:

  • We compost, we also recycle glass, paper, batteries, light bulbs and waste type “yellow bin”

Use of renewable energy sources and less harmful to the environment:

  • The hot water is solar
  • Cleaning products, laundry and soap that is offered are biodegradable. Some are made “house”
  • The water is filtered on a kitchen tap
  • Wood from trees sizes supplies the closed fireplace, the little wood is crushed and added to the soil amendment
  • Potential phytosanitary treatments comply with the rules of organic farming

Communication and education environment customers:

  • A library containing many books on the subject is available.
Le jardin, une belle oliveraie de 260 arbres et des coins d’ombre avec des sièges doux pour se reposer.
Conscients que nous partageons ce lieu avec bien d’autres êtres vivants, nous avons voulu faire en sorte qu’ils s’y sentent bien.
Au-dessus, Saint Jeannet, haut lieu de randonnée et d’escalade sur son magnifique rocher.